Latin America and the Caribbean


In the mid-2000s, the Government started to target stunting explicitly. As a result, between 2008 and 2016, the stunting rate dropped by more than half, from 28 to 13 per cent.


Honduras joined SUN in May 2019. Since then, high-level advocacy, including the 2019 visit by the SUN Coordinator, has led to progress towards SUN’s strategic objectives, all which are in line with, and strengthen, the implementation of Honduras’ food security and nutrition policy and strategy (PyENSAN 2018-2030).  


Guatemala was one of the first countries to join SUN, in December 2010. Since then, nutrition has been firmly positioned high on the political agenda across the Government, but also for civil society, the United Nations, donors, the private sector and researchers. Nutrition is also seen a key issue for the development of the country.